Welcome to the Lonestar Jedi!  I am Jedi Knight Dina Gamal, and the founder of the Lonestar branch of the Jedi Temple.

The Lonestar Jedi are dedicated to sharing practical Martial Arts based Light Saber techniques.  We are pretty much all amateurs here too, so no sweat.

Everyone develops their own character, whether it be a Jedi, Sith, Rogue, Gray or Dark .  Although we are not specifically a Star Wars fan site, we do rely heavily on many of the principles and training used by the Jedi Order. Mental focus, martial arts training, universal knowledge, that sort of stuff.  None of us are professionals - at least not yet ;).  So don't worry if you don't have any training at all - neither did we!

  Please, look around, and have fun!  We will have Pictures soon, and a  list of our members and trainees is already uploaded, as well as links to our inspirers, the PA and NY Jedi!
If you wish to join our order, just email us!

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